The New Hammarbybacken

Year-round activities and healthy living in the heart of the city

SkiStar’s sustainability strategy focuses both on reducing emissions and on getting more people moving. Hammarbybacken’s central location and good accessibility make it possible for everyone in Stockholm to use the area.

In the centre of Stockholm’s Green Innovation District is Hammarbybacken – a ski slope that is now being developed into a year-round activity centre. The slope has been gradually raised and developed into what it is today: one of Stockholm’s easy-to-spot landmarks! The area is owned by the City of Stockholm and leased and operated by SkiStar AB – the leading holiday organiser for Scandinavia, which operates the five largest mountain resorts in Norway and Sweden.

Hammarbybacken is for everyone – both young people and joggers as well as elite athletes. Hammarbybacken makes alpine skiing available for primary school pupils in Stockholm and Nacka. Hammarbybacken has hosted Alpine World Cup competitions that are televised all over the world. In the summer of 2021, SkiStar launched the Sports & Adventures concept. The aim is to develop Hammarbybacken into a year-round activity centre for the benefit of the whole of Greater Stockholm, very easily accessible from the Tvärbanan light rail, which runs just a few hundred metres from the facility.

In keeping with SkiStar’s sustainability strategy, which focuses on both reducing emissions by 50% by 2030 and on getting more people moving, Hammarbybacken’s central location will be crucial to lowering thresholds and creating opportunities for everyone in Greater Stockholm to use the area. The collaboration with schools and preschools has the potential to be developed on a year-round basis. The plans for the development discuss a “meeting place” at the top of the hill, with restaurant and conference facilities, a chairlift to facilitate year-round access, bike paths with associated attractions, a climbing park with ziplines, and a wealth of other outdoor activities to complement downhill biking, an outdoor gym, and other features that are already on offer during snow-free months. In addition, there are now good opportunities to offer alpine skiing all year round, on new and innovative surfaces.