Smart City Sweden


In 2020, 126 international visitor groups with more than 2,000 participants came to learn about Swedish solutions for smart and sustainable cities through the Smart City Sweden initiative.


Smart City Sweden promotes and spreads Swedish solutions for smart and sustainable cities internationally. IVL – The Swedish Environmental Institute – is the principal for the operation. SCS has compiled the ten most interesting solutions in SGID which are now being marketed to domestic and foreign interested parties.

In 2020, 126 visitor groups comprising more than 2,000 participants from 62 countries visited one of Smart City Sweden’s nodes or offices. A majority of these (23 groups) came from China, but overall Europe was well represented.

Around the visits themselves, a process has been created to involve relevant parties in enquiries, conduct tours and subsequently follow up and evaluate the business potential. Each visit/digital meeting is followed up with a business report. A business development group with representatives from the business community and consulting companies then offers suggestions on how the most interesting proposals can be developed. The studies constitute a first step in the process of creating a business agreement based on Swedish technology and with Swedish companies. They include Morocco, Somaliland, Bolivia, Nigeria, China, India, Colombia and Germany. Another principle for this effort is that the recipient country/city must also co-finance parts of the study. The most interesting pre-feasibility studies can then be geared up with funds from Swedefund, Svensk Exportkredit and the Swedish Export Credit Agency at a later stage.