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Knowledge, commitment and openness

Stockholm Green Innovation District is an initiative between several stakeholders with a common goal – to build sustainable and climate-smart districts. Within the context of the project, each of the involved parties contributes their own unique specialist knowledge, cutting-edge technology and collaboration models. We learn from each other and are united by our curiosity, commitment and openness. The challenge is to find forward-looking and innovative solutions that may have yet to be tried. We intend to be brave in our thoughts and ideas, find our way forward and share both successes and setbacks. We hope that our initiative can inspire, spread energy and encourage others to implement their own projects that lead to a more sustainable society. Preferably together with us.


Stockholm Green Innovation District is Stockholm’s new growth area for innovation and sustainability, an area stretching from Årsta to Sickla with the Tvärbanan light rail as a connecting link.

  • Grow Smarter in Årsta (City of Stockholm)
    The new Meatpacking District (Atrium Ljungberg)
    Sthlm New in Fredriksdal (Skanska)
    Hammarby Sjöstad 2.0 (ElectriCITY)
    Sickla and Nobelberget in Nacka (Atrium Ljungberg)

Over the next few years, new housing for 20,000 residents will be built here, along with commercial space to accommodate 20,000 jobs. All participating parties have high ambitions to contribute to sustainability (Agenda 2030) and climate transition (the Paris Agreement). Innovative companies that impose high demands on the quality of their surroundings are choosing to move here. The district is being developed in collaboration between the City of Stockholm, Nacka Municipality, large and small companies, civil society and research organisations.

The members of the project are the City of Stockholm with Invest Stockholm and the Environmental Administration, Nacka municipality, Skanska, Atrium Ljungberg. ElectriCITY, Skistar with the New Hammarby hill, Stockholm Water and Waste (SVOA) with the facility in Henriksdal, Stockholm Exergi, Envac, Green City Ferries, Urban Tech Sweden, Smart City Sweden, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden and IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute with Stockholm Water Innovation Center.


We want to develop the Stockholm Green Innovation District and present it as a globally leading example for sustainable urban development; we continue to build on the international attention that the City of Stockholm has received through the innovative concept for Hammarby Sjöstad (now Hammarby Sjöstad 2.0, with the ambition to make the district climate-neutral 2030).

We wish to promote the interests of residents and workers in the form of an attractive city and attractive workplaces (“a viable city”) and engage citizens in urban development and climate transition

We wish to promote our members’ financial interests – investments, rentals, audiences, etc. – and attract new enterprises to the area, including education and research that can contribute expertise to innovative companies

We wish to promote the export of Swedish urban planning and environmental technology and launch the Stockholm Green Innovation District as a development area for future EU calls for proposals for innovative and climate-neutral cities, especially the EU’s new initiative entitled “A New European Bauhaus”, which focuses on “bringing the European Green Deal to life in an attractive, innovative and human-centred way”.

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