Green City Ferries

Emission-free ferry traffic

“Boatplan Stockholm” is a program to convert the entire Stockholm archipelago traffic to 100 percent emission-free operation with electricity or hydrogen as fuel.

Green City Ferries (GCF) is a Stockholm-based technology company that works with the climate transformation of ferry traffic in cities. GCF acts as a system integrator and provides both technology and financing solutions for emission-free ferry traffic. GCF was recently awarded first prize in the “UITP Mobility Startup Challenge 2021”, an international innovation competition. UITP is the international association for public transport authorities. What’s novel about the company’s Beluga24 ferry project is the combination of light hulls built of carbon fibre and hydrofoil and catamaran technology that uses both electric and hydrogen propulsion. The company’s new high-speed ferry is more cost-effective, faster and more comfortable than traditional diesel/HVO ferries, and most importantly, it’s emission-free; it produces no emissions of carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides or unhealthy particles that affect the climate and environment.

Based on Region Stockholm’s guidelines for the conversion of archipelago traffic, the company has teamed up with ElectriCity to develop “Boatplan Stockholm” – an ambitious programme to convert all of Stockholm’s archipelago traffic to 100% emission-free vessels powered by electricity or hydrogen. The initiative is supported by both Sweden and the EU, and the first vessels are planned to be put into operation in the Stockholm region in 2024. Green City Ferries works globally with partners in New Zealand, Italy and the USA.