Smart, efficient and sustainable waste collection

Envac’s smart waste collection and recycling contributes to cleaner and more sustainable neighborhoods. Digital innovation engages citizens and makes the system cost-effective and resilient.

With facilities all over the world, from Singapore to Bergen, Madrid to Shanghai, Envac has automated and revolutionized waste management and recycling. Envac’s garbage extractor and its data-driven ReFlow application enables the green transition needed to create smart and sustainable cities and neighborhoods.

Envac is headquartered in Stockholm and is already an active partner in Stockholm Green Innovation District, with facilities in Årsta – GrowSmarter and the whole of Hammarby Sjöstad.

  • Envac’s garbage collection system is buried beneath the ground. Users dispose of waste and recycling in above-ground hatches, which are then transported underground to a central plant on the outskirts of the area. This means no more trucks picking up garbage at every property
  • When garbage and recycling are handled in underground garbage extractors, spaces are freed up for green areas, bike lanes and walking paths. Reduced traffic results in lower emissions and less noise
  • By extracting data from the waste stream and the ReFlow mobile app, residents become aware of how they can contribute to more and improved recycling. Visual feedback about how much users recycle and tips on how to recycle even better, help create new, sustainable habits
  • Smart, innovative waste management and recycling is cost-effective. With AI, the garbage collection system itself improves its performance and is optimized to reduce both climate impact and costs. Together with the knowledge that comes from the system’s data collection, the garbage collection system becomes even more efficient.

Envac’s innovative solutions for waste collection and recycling make it easier for cities to contribute to the UN’s global goals and leave a greener planet for future generations.