Sickla and Nobelberget in Nacka

A test bed for the attractive city

The development of Sickla – from an industrial area to a vibrant city district – also entails lofty goals for sustainable construction and climate measures. Among other things, the area is home to one of Stockholm’s largest solar cell installations.

For more than 20 years, Atrium Ljungberg has developed Sickla from an industrial area to a vibrant city district. Today, about 8,000 people work here – right next door to shops, restaurants, cultural activities, housing, creative meeting places and schools. The next step is now being taken with the development of an additional 7,000 new office spaces and 2,000 homes in the area’s historic industrial districts.

The development of Sickla entails lofty ambitions when it comes to sustainable construction and climate measures. In 2019, one of Stockholm’s largest solar cell installations was installed on roofs throughout Sickla. All new construction is environmentally certified, and the existing stock is also subject to environmental certification. Local initiatives also conduct hydroponic farming, supplying restaurants in the area with neighbourhood-grown vegetables.

At Nobelberget in Sickla, a dynamic and vibrant hub is being developed with housing, creative activities, a park, a preschool and new meeting places. A total of 500 homes are planned on Nobelberget. In the development of the site, several of the original industrial buildings are being preserved. The 23-storey Sickla station building, which is planned to be completed in 2024, will be a new landmark in the city. By 2030, the central parts of Sickla will have been developed to accommodate 150,000 square metres of offices and housing, with the ambition of creating a sustainable city life for all those who live, visit and work in the area.

The expansion of Sickla will be built using timber frames. ”Sickla Trästad” will be an international showcase for sustainable architecture and timber-based urban planning. Sickla will set  a new standard for sustainable urban development combining resource-efficient methods for reuse, and circular material flows with a focus on future energy solutions for storage and sharing of self-produced energy.

In Nacka, people, ideas and companies for the future are growing

Nacka Municipality is part of the Stockholm Green Innovation District because we believe in the power of people, innovations and sustainability. Together, we want to further develop a dynamic, top-class business climate to promote sustainable growth and create good conditions for new meeting places and establishments and jobs in the area concerned.

Nacka is one of Sweden’s most attractive and reputable municipalities and attracts many new residents and companies. Nacka’s strong entrepreneurship is based on an exciting industrial heritage combined with expansive start-ups. One example of this is the urban development in Sickla, where old industrial environments are being transformed into modern housing and attractive workplaces. Sickla is an important part of the Stockholm Green Innovation District.

Its fantastic location close to the big city, nature and the sea has been the impetus Nacka’s continuous development. Nacka will continue to grow at about the same rate as before. Therefore, as we densify and develop our existing neighbourhoods, we are careful to plan and build for the future through expanded public transport and space for more housing, workplaces and meeting places. We want to create places where people and ideas thrive and are given the conditions to grow.

By 2030, at least 20,000 new homes will be built, and 15,000 new jobs will be created. All along the entire western coast of the Sicklaön peninsula, an exciting development is taking place. New homes and businesses are being created, not least in Sickla itself but also in the adjacent parts of, for example, the “natural urban” centres of Centrala Nacka, Nacka Strand and Kvarnholmen. This strengthens the overall attractiveness of the western parts of Nacka.

Nacka is being developed in close interaction with Nacka residents, civil society and the business community, with a focus on long-term sustainability and innovative development. Through its growth, Nacka is actively contributing to the development of the entire Stockholm region.

The proximity to nature and its opportunities for both urban and outdoor life are important reasons why people love living in Nacka. We know that the urban environments of the future, complete with workplaces and services, will emerge where people want to be. That’s why proximity to nature and meeting places for recreation, sports and culture are the starting points for Nacka’s growth.

When the metro is completed in 2030, a large proportion of the region’s eastern sector commuters will be able to travel between Stockholm City and Nacka in 12 minutes. The proximity to both the city’s pulse and nature will then be further strengthened.

As Nacka grows, so do ideas and innovations. Every day, three new companies are started in Nacka. Many of them have begun their journey in contact with the municipality. In Nacka, we welcome a diverse range of actors and people who want to interact with each other and with us. We believe that this makes Nacka a better place to live and work. So don’t hesitate to contact us to learn about the opportunities offered in Nacka and maybe even help create them, for example within the new business network – Climate-neutral Nacka.

The new network – Climate-Neutral Nacka | Nacka Municipality

Per Enarsson