Leadership for Creative Industries

Superlatives will be a meeting place for creators of digital content, with services available to a Swedish and international target group of both professionals and amateurs.

Superlatives is planned to serve as a meeting place for creators who want to create digital content and communication. Examples include studios for YouTube, TikTok, film or music recording. The meeting place’s services are available to a Swedish and international target group of both professionals and amateurs. The meeting place should be seen as an opportunity for individuals who want to develop their digital creation abilities and further strengthen Sweden’s already strong position in creative industries. The hub of the meeting place are the recording studios, with associated infrastructure such as sound, lighting and transmission and know-how that enables the creation and publication of content.

Superlatives has chosen to collaborate with “the District” and plans to locate its operations in this area due to the dynamic and innovative activities that are currently emerging there. Through Superlatives, an international network of similar meeting places will become accessible to companies and businesses throughout Stockholm. Examples include Hudson Square in New York (where companies such as Google and Amazon have established themselves) and partners in a new district on the outskirts of Delhi in India.

Superlatives is a joint venture between Belatchew Architects and Urban Systems Urbs (urbs). Belatchew Arkitekter is an architectural firm that creates a sustainable society where architecture is the foundation for people’s lives. Urbs is a systems integrator that collaborates with investors, property developers and actors from cities to deliver technology, financing and knowledge in urban projects. Urbs is a commercial leg of the export organization Urban Tech Sweden, an initiative from Teknikföretagen.